There is this phenomenon in the various echelons of art and the person, a burgeoning quest for aesthetic perfection, a clear want for the prettier, if not the majestic. This visual romanticisation isn’t unwarranted nor unprecedented though, the yearning to make wonderful the numerous demons and insecurities of the self and the mother within which it is contained has accompanied us for millennia. Increasingly however, I seem to notice a very alarming lack of sincerity. Reality blends so seamlessly with the supernatural and on screens, and yet we are left in a very real state trying desperately to keep up…

Being here, away from home and away from family and friends for the first time ever has as one can imagine been incredibly difficult. I constantly feel like I’m living two different lives, each with their own uniques set of lived experiences and people and events.

Liminality as a concept was introduced to my intellectual lexicon only this semester, and somehow it has already managed to become a topic of great interest and contention for me. The more I focussed on trying to make tangible this seemingly intangible experience, the more irritated and mentally nauseous I felt. Lucikly, in the course of this grappling, I managed to find a connection with one other space in my life with similar traits and purposes.

Initial research brought several different definitions and dimensions to this idea of liminality. From my understanding, liminality represent a disorienting state of transitionary in-betweeness, a state of existence where participants no longer are who they were but also do not hold the awareness of what position they will be in the future. There is however an understanding of a need to keep moving forward, it’s the only way.

Being away from home and family for the first time in my life, my existence currently seems to be split into two timelines — home, and here — each rich with their…

Absolutely stunning work! Loved seeing your whole process and how you were able to adapt your skills and expertise into this whole new medium. Great job Jordan!

This project enabled us to extend, expand and recontextualise an existing collection of any kind in our possession, or one that we want to start making. Initially I decided to work with my Apple Music library, simply because I knew there was a ton of data that could be extrapolated from a collection that consists of close to 2000 songs. But after grappling and battling and submitting to the beast that is Excel, I decided to look at another collection in my possession that I felt more intuitive to work with, and one that I felt for.


For a kid growing up in India, going to the United States was the dream. More often than not, when an Indian kid says he wants to go to the United States, he means New York. He means Times Square and Central Park, he means skyscrapers and ‘I♥NY’ memorabilia, he means yellow taxi cabs, and he means larger-than-life billboards that make you feel smaller-than-shit. A large amount of my childhood was spent being subject to my father’s absolute admiration and captivation for the place, and his dream of somehow getting me there. From one Indian kid to the next, this…

For this project, we were asked to choose any individual or a series of books/movies/T.V shows and to analyse and present why the particular text begets further inspection. I have chosen to work with the 2005 sci-fi comedy, based on the Douglas Adams literary masterpiece of the same name, “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”. A long-standing favourite of mine, this was the first time I was actually paying attention to every frame and detail.


Going in to the project, I had little to no idea of what lens I wanted to approach this film through. So expansive are its themes and so random are its subplots that it seemed quite impossible to enter the project with a fixed framework of analysis. I thus started to simply view the film and note down each and every single scene, character traits, prop, backdrop, typography, camera angles, background score, possible metaphors, underlying philosophies, behavioural patterns etc. I then researched earlier adaptations of the book, including a radio show and some podcasts, just to draw further inspiration. …

Looking back and charting the course forward.

For our first project, we had to reflect on our paths so far and provide a little ‘show-&-tell’ of who we are and where our story begins, some of our inspirations and where we see ourselves down the line. While design and art celebs are too numerous to count and continue to be an important source of influences, I felt a more honest portrayal of me as a person would perhaps necessitate a trip down memory lane. For in those everyday doldrums and everyday interactions lie the source of my inspiration and a lifetime of emotions. …

Siddharth T

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