Being here, away from home and away from family and friends for the first time ever has as one can imagine been incredibly difficult. I constantly feel like I’m living two different lives, each with their own uniques set of lived experiences and people and events.

Liminality as a concept was introduced to my intellectual lexicon only this semester, and somehow it has already managed to become a topic of great interest and contention for me. The more I focussed on trying to make tangible this seemingly intangible experience, the more irritated and mentally nauseous I felt. Lucikly, in the course of this grappling, I managed to find a connection with one other space in my life with similar traits and purposes.

This project enabled us to extend, expand and recontextualise an existing collection of any kind in our possession, or one that we want to start making. Initially I decided to work with my Apple Music library, simply because I knew there was a ton of data that could be extrapolated from a collection that consists of close to 2000 songs. But after grappling and battling and submitting to the beast that is Excel, I decided to look at another collection in my possession that I felt more intuitive to work with, and one that I felt for.


For this project, we were asked to choose any individual or a series of books/movies/T.V shows and to analyse and present why the particular text begets further inspection. I have chosen to work with the 2005 sci-fi comedy, based on the Douglas Adams literary masterpiece of the same name, “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”. A long-standing favourite of mine, this was the first time I was actually paying attention to every frame and detail.


Looking back and charting the course forward.

Siddharth T

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