The Mundane as Liminal

Liminality as a concept was introduced to my intellectual lexicon only this semester, and somehow it has already managed to become a topic of great interest and contention for me. The more I focussed on trying to make tangible this seemingly intangible experience, the more irritated and mentally nauseous I felt. Lucikly, in the course of this grappling, I managed to find a connection with one other space in my life with similar traits and purposes.

Initial research brought several different definitions and dimensions to this idea of liminality. From my understanding, liminality represent a disorienting state of transitionary in-betweeness, a state of existence where participants no longer are who they were but also do not hold the awareness of what position they will be in the future. There is however an understanding of a need to keep moving forward, it’s the only way.


A blurry idea on its own, deliberation over this idea over the course of the past few weeks have been anything but orderly. I started to look at the internet’s many definitions of liminality and was particularly drawn to Reddit’s interpretation of liminal spaces — these everyday common, corporate or hotel spaces that were empty and devoid of meaning. The viewer is automatically put in the scene of the picture, with no idea whats behind but not quite sure what’s ahead either. All that is evident is necessity to move forward to find out more.

(Images taken from Reddit)

The Rebel

Another parallel that felt naturally drawn was to a lot of absurdist philosophy and its understanding of the universe as inherently lacking in meaning. According to Albert Camus, one of the fathers of Absurdist philosophy, man’s biggest and most intimate concern is the “yearning for unity”, a want for clarity and familiarity and universality about why things work the way they do.

Artwork by Vedran Štimac
“Absurdity is king, but love saves us from it.” (painting by Ashley Frost)


Final Form

After several iterations and rounds of critique, and weeks of editing, I finally had a deliverable that I felt depicted my story.


As part of our project, we were also asked to have a printed component. My idea was to make posters for my video, like previews for a film. The posters are in many ways inspired from the video itself. The verticality of shooting in portrait inspired the accentuated height of each poster, the usage of monochrome throughout, the type choices etc. I also wanted to make the posters more connected to the video itself rather than exist in an isolated space of their own. I thus incorporated augmented reality to embed little previews and teasers of the video into each poster using the power of ‘Artivive’. The QR code additionally take’s you directly to the video on YouTube. The posters thus act as not only visual previews of the video, but as a call to action to the actual project as well.

(Use the Artivive app on each poster to activate the AR component)

Personal Note

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